100% Cannabis

We use only 100% pure cannabis with no fillers, additives, or pesticides, ever. We partner with sustainable growers in the far reaches of Northern California who care for their crops with integrity and expertise.

More Than Meets The Eye

Our filters were specifically designed to enhance both the mouth feel and increase airflow for a dramatically smoother and easier draw. Filters also remove potentially harmful solids like tar.

Precision Rolled

We make our filtered Leaflettes with a proprietary technology that ensures uniformity across the board, from packing density to smoldering rates. That means, you can count on a consistent–and consistently great–experience every time.

Blended for effect

Instead of relying on a single cannabis strain, we curate our custom blends with precision–carefully balancing terpene profiles and cannabinoid content to gently deliver the elevated, yet mindful effect you want.

Cultivation & Reliability

Coast sources all of our products by partnering with local, Northern California farmers who grow sustainable, pesticide-free crops. We believe that the best way to guarantee clean, consistent, high-quality products is by growing them the way nature intended.

Lab Testing

Our products are sent to certified laboratories to measure cannabinoid content and terpene profiles to guarantee a consistent feeling. It’s all part of our commitment to crafting the highest-quality products in the industry.

Quality Assurance & Safety

Before they reach the shelves of your local dispensary, each Coast product undergoes rigorous safety and quality assurance testing for cannabinoid content, pesticides, and microbiologicals.