Natural. Balanced. Smooth.

Leaflette, Not a Cigarette. All Cannabis, No Tobacco.

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Find your comfort zone

At Coast, we believe that the ideal experience is all about balance and precision, not excess. That’s why we carefully curate each blend of cannabinoids and terpene profiles to deliver a casual, smoother, and more controlled dose that helps ease you into your comfort zone.

Remarkably smooth draw

Our proprietary filters increase airflow for a dramatically smooth and easy draw. They also remove potentially harmful solids like tar. And no worries, they’re nothing like regular cigarette filters. They enhance the experience, not detract from it.

Blended for effect

Instead of relying on a single cannabis strain, we curate our custom blends with precision–carefully balancing terpene profiles and cannabinoid content to gently deliver the elevated, yet mindful effect you want.

Coast was founded

on a simple, yet lofty goal- to create a radically smooth, reliably consistent cannabis experience that puts you in control. We do this in a proprietary precision-rolled form called Leaflettes, with 100% natural cannabis blended to perfection that comes off with a remarkably smooth draw. 

Coast created a new preroll called Leaflettes, using proprietary filters and precision-rolling technology for a consistent, smooth, and mindful cannabis experience.  This pre-roll is made with 100% natural cannabis, no fillers or pesticides; blended to perfection by curating terpene profiles and cannabinoid content to gently deliver the elevated, yet mindful effect you want.

Chill Blend

A thoughtful blend that transitions you into a relaxing sweet spot. Think of it as your own personal happy hour — a golden moment in your day.

Dream Blend

If you’ve come looking for sleeping bliss, then Dream is for you. This soothing blend calms your mind and relaxes your body for a deep, refreshing slumber. 

Excite Blend

Want a kick of good, positive energy with no amped up frenzy? Our Excite blend delivers just the right amount of fuel to get you going any way you want.

At Coast, we know that the educated customers make smarter choices. That’s why we are here to provide you with the latest scientific research on cannabis, and let you find the blend to suit your mood.

Terpene Profiles

A-B Pinene

A pine-scented terpene that improves focus, clarity, and creativity.

Terpene Profiles


Works on the nervous and muscular system to increase cannabinoid absorption and provide a meditative, calming effect.

Terpene Profiles


A floral compound that is known for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, and is used for joint pain and headaches.

Terpene Profiles

B Caryophyllene

A peppery terpene that targets the nervous and gastrointestinal tract to improve digestion, reduce heartburn, and reduce anxiety.

Terpene Profiles


A terpene with a rich, hoppy aroma and tension-reducing effects throughout the body.

Terpene Profiles


A lavender-scented terpene that is widely known as an herbal alternative to harsher chemical sleep aids.